LTE Air mit Flugzeug über Sootbörn



Exhibition Hurly-Burly-Luftikus.

Kultursommer Hamburg

2021 Künstlerhaus Sootbörn, Hamburg.

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Soundinstallation about Bach’s Air
For LTE Air, horn speakers are mounted to lanterns at the entrance of Künstlerhaus Sootbörn. The speakers are coupled with cell phones. Anyone can call them directly – and influence the sound of the installation.

The ringtones are uniquely composed. When called, they play different hurly-burly versions of Bach’s “Air” from Orchestra Suite No. 3.

In a permanent version for percussion different choirs weave in, depending on which one is being called. One choir is sung, the other played with flutes, or a reed organ etc. The piece remains “the Air”, it just recomposes itself.

The voices of the sound installation were recorded individually by amateurs at home and only put together for the installation.


Dirk Dhonau.

Georg Schiessl (tuba).
Inga Shaw (recorder, voice).
Nina Dietrich (concertina).
Claudius Brenneisen (reed organ).
Caspar Popp (voice).
Kim Schütze (flute).
Jan Dietrich (whistle, voice).

Jan Dietrich, PERMEDIUM.

of the group exhibition Hurly-Burly-Luftikus: Katja Windau, Kathrin Horsch, Marcel Große, Jenny Feldmann, Maria Hobbing, Barbara Zenner-Kakari, Zacharias Lojenburg, Daniela Wesenberg, Joachim Jacob, Peter N. Heikenwälder, Simon Hehemann.