Long live the drummer!

Long live
the drummer!

Telling an old story in a new version.

Soundinstallation in the vineyard cellars of Burg (Magdeburg).

2018, Gardening Show
Burg (Magdeburg).

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At the vineyard of the city of Burg, visitors can find a barred door. Those who look through will discover that a cellar hides behind it, widely ramified, with many corridors and rooms and somewhat musty in the smell. Every inhabitant immediately feels reminded of the “Burger Trommler”. According to a legend, a long time ago he tried to measure the caves and underground labyrinths of the city.
After a carousal, equipped with a drum and a few wind-lights, he ran fearlessly ahead. His buddies followed behind for a while. But when their poor candles began to flicker and the musty smell got worse and worse, they called out to their companion to turn around! But he didn’t think about it, went further and further, and his drumming became quieter and quieter. According to the legend, the drummer stopped playing at some point and was never seen again.
The soundinstallation, however, clarifies that he was only too far away to be heard by the drunkards. Maybe he had found a barrel of wine in between, took a mouthful, and then he went on undaunted. Maybe he found another way out of the maze. It is a fact however, that he returns every day, and one can still hear the drummer in his search for some more fine drops.[read more=”read more” less=”read less”]

In the sound installation, 3 basements and the staircase are each equipped with an audio track. They play back recordings of a percussionist. In the entrance area the rhythm is still very accurate, the further back they are placed, the more exalted the recordings become. The rhythms alternate, are interrupted by pauses, as soon as you can guess where the beats come from, they are already over – and soon start again somewhere else.
Calls can be heard from the stairs: “Hello”, “where are you?”, but also sounds reminiscent of rusty doors, a drunken atmosphere and heavy air.[/read] 

The original legend (in German):

Percussionist & Voices 
Dirk Dhonau.

Jan Dietrich, PERMEDIUM.

Excerpt of the sound installation: