LTE Babylon

LTE Babylon

Smartphone performance.
StimmeX Festival

Emporio Tower Hamburg, 2016

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Digital views on language confusion.
The whole city speaks. A web of dialogues, conversations, discussions between people, through streets and buildings. 

At LTE Babylon, the mobile phone stands as an allegory for language confusion. 

5 actors move through Hamburg. They make calls, behave absently, dive into digital distance, indifferent to their physical environment. They pick up sounds, incidentals, speech fragments.

The audience stands in the tower and hears their recordings live. A choreography consisting of conversation segments, quotations, city noises and ring tones spins their pattern within the audience.

What do the actors say?
What are they silent about?


Broadcast (German language)

Manfred Scharfenstein.

Jan Dietrich, PERMEDIUM.

Nina Feuerstein, Hendrik Heiler, Kristin Henkel, Roxana Safarabadi, Mario Schnitzler.

Stimme-X Team
Prof. Hans-Jörg Kapp,
Maike Tödter, Frank Düwel.