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Like Dislike

Digital perspectives on the figurative.

Installation for selfie-stick Mobile, smartphone & wind. 
Sponsorship with Saint Sebastian, anonymous, ca. 1700.

2017, Achberg castle.

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The figure of Saint Sebastian looks into the room. A smartphone moves around the figure. It seems interested, but it stays at a distance. The visitor sees what the phone records, but no one knows why it’s doing this – and what happens with the phone’s recordings. Will they be put online? Shared live on the Internet? Shown to everyone who might give them a Like ?

Other artists 
Sonja Alhäuser, Thom Barth, Matthias Beckmann, Daniel Bräg, Karolin Bräg, Christoph Brech, Christoph Frick, Klaus Illi, Pietra Löbl, Susanna Taras, Laurenz Theinert, Wilm Weppelmann, Rolf Wicker, Iris Wöhr-Reinheimer, Jeanette Zippel.

Report SWR Aktuell 
(German language):

Dr. Ilonka Czerny

Contribution to the
exhibiton “Kraftquellen – sponsorships between historical sacred art and contemporary positions”