Like Dislike

Like Dislike

Installation for selfie-stick Mobile, smartphone & wind. 
Sponsorship with Saint Sebastian, anonymous, app. 1700.
2017, Achberg castle.

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Digital perspectives on the figurative.
The figure of Saint Sebastian looks into the room. A smartphone moves around the figure. It seems interested, but it stays at a distance. The visitor sees what the phone records, but no one knows why it’s doing this – and what happens with the phone’s recordings. Will they be put online? Shared live on the Internet? Shown to everyone who might give them a Like.

Dr. Ilonka Czerny.

Contribution to the
exhibiton “Kraftquellen – sponsorships between historical sacred art and contemporary positions”.

Jan Dietrich, PERMEDIUM.

The other artists 
Sonja Alhäuser, Thom Barth, Matthias Beckmann, Daniel Bräg, Karolin Bräg, Christoph Brech, Christoph Frick, Klaus Illi, Pietra Löbl, Susanna Taras, Laurenz Theinert, Wilm Weppelmann, Rolf Wicker, Iris Wöhr-Reinheimer, Jeanette Zippel.